Founding Director:

In 1994, James Thomas founded and established The Road Called STRATE. Mr. Thomas comes from The Road Called STRATE. Mr. Thomas is a product, disciple, mentor, bearer, catalyst, and missionary; a hunter of lost souls in our educational system that preys on the disenfranchised youth of today.

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Choices & Decisions for the Crossroads

At The Road Called STRATE, we believe in the value of all people and our mission is to improve the quality of life for underprivileged individuals by challenging them to realize their maximum potential for success and to develop and prosper through education, training, and encouragement.

Growing up as a disadvantaged youth, and having an adult history of awareness about crime and punishment, Mr. Thomas had a dream to give, students, low income individuals, and ex-offenders - who are discontent, unsuccessful, and want to give up and drop out of their traditional high school - a creative alternative to continue their education and receive a high school diploma.

In any learning environment, students rely on great teachers and counselors to forge new ideas and design reasonable choices that will teach in order to draw out a youth's curiosity for learning.

Mr. Thomas wants to help find and place at risk youth in a permanent job position or build career choices at colleges and trade schools.

He believes that you must remove every stumbling block in the family system that would stand in the way of the teen receiving their education. The program provides quality case management to cover all the family needs..

James has always believed that all youth should have a non-competitive learning environment. He believes learning is fostered best in small groups at an individual's own pace where there is trust, sustained caring and mutual respect among all students.


Mission Statement & Philosophy

Original conceptual drawing mapping out the road to success for ex-offenders.

We would like society to know that sometime or another, all of us begin to recognize who we are, what we can do, and all that we can be. This self-examination comes at different times for different individuals.

Exactness, however, will lift that person and all that surrounds him to another plane which is only a step towards the pursuit of his true existence and his own self-esteem, the depth of sincerity can only be measured by ones self and God.