Counseling Programs

Counselors for The Road Called STRATE include:

Director James D. Thomas CAC111, Michelle Sykes, Early Childhood Programs Specialist, and volunteer female counseling.

Dr. Dorothie Clark PHD, representing Grift and Lost Services, Business Development and Management training   

Director Clara Harris, representing,

Hi Mom I Am Home , Family  Reunification Service, Director Ray Washington from Bigger Than Me, Male Counseling, Fatherhood Program,  Dad-Up, Denver Area Dads, Understanding Parenting            DAD-UP and MOM-UP Mothers On  Mission Understanding Parenting Counselors,  Pastor Alexander-Community Service Representative, Carl McFarland, Fatherhood Counseling Program- Pastor Belinda Haley- female volunteer, Alcohol and drug counseling is provided by Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) certified counselors.

In addition to providing these services, The Road Called STRATE also provides counseling for problem solving, stress and anger management, assaultive therapy, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and most importantly how to deal with grief and lost counseling.

Mentoring programs provide individuals with better strategies for self-improvement and change